Status of the Blog

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I haven’t posted in a long time, because summer. And by summer, I mean baseball. Also, children. A lot of them. And husbands. And swimming lessons, noisy trumpets, Taylor Swift, another knee surgery, doggie diarrhea, soccer practices, filthy bathrooms, filthier clothes, and a half-hearted job search. Still, though, my blog is calling, and a lot of you (not really) have been asking if I am going to change the url to something else now that my lastborn child isn’t in first grade anymore. The answer is no, mostly because I have gained some traction with Last in First thanks to Scary Mommy and it wouldn’t be smart of me to change it every year based on what grade my last child is in. Also, Last in First was one of the most important milestones I have reached thus far and deserves to be recognized as such. It was very much a finish line for me, although now I realize it was just an illusion. Studies show that there are, in fact, no finish lines in parenthood. As soon as you cross one, another one forms in the distance. For instance, the next significant milestone for me is Convince Husband to Trim Backyard Hedges.

So anyway, I am going to keep Last in First in homage to that glorious September day in 2014 when I gained a small sliver of my life back and also because I feel like a lot of parents can relate. I did briefly consider other urls that would capture where I am along this acid trip journey that is parenthood. For your enjoyment, here is a list. NOTE: Some of these are real websites, click at your own risk:

Just for kicks, let me know which one you like the best. Happy Summer, everyone!