Another Pizza Place

I know there are like 4 million mommy blogs out there, but as my husband says, there is always room for another pizza place.  I have wanted to write about the chaos taking place within my home (and my head) for a long time now, but I could not in good conscience abandon my family for the comfort that is writing, and I need at least a few hours of sleep every night, so my plans had to be put on hold.  However, now that my last child is in first grade (Last in First, get it?), I will have tons of time not only to blog but to meal plan, organize, and just take care of myself.  Right?

In anticipation of the new freedom that will be mine in just one week, I have created the following daily schedule:

8:30, Drop off kids

9-10, Walk and pay attention to dog

10-11, Shower

11-12, Food shopping

12-1, Lunch

1-2, Cook dinner everyone will eat

2-3, Walk and pay attention to dog

3:15, Pick up kids

I have included this schedule here mostly because I know it will never happen.  I will fart around on the internet, discuss politics with my husband (who works from home all the time), take a few phone calls, and procrastinate by doing something totally off-strategy like color categorizing the Legos until it is 2:45 and I find myself once again unshowered and without any plans for dinner.  Why do I do this?  I don’t know, but I really need to cut down on the chaos, so maybe by publishing this I have taken the first step?

Anyway, thanks for following along.  It’s going to be fun!